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and reasonableness


Here you are doing something. It can be either something for yourself or your relatives, what you are doing without payment, or something, for example, at work, for which you expect payment.

If at work you do not receive payment, then this, at least, causes you to have the appropriate emotions and, as a maximum, pushes you to specific actions.

The same applies to images from which embroidery schemes are made, to the schemes themselves, etc. We will not discuss the topic well or badly using the image, the scheme, etc., without the permission of the creator, since the concepts "good" and "bad" have for all is not a small range of meanings - let's talk about reasonableness.


On the one hand, all the images, no matter where and how they are placed (including the Internet), have copyright, since they did not appear by themselves, in which the owner of these rights wants to either sell their images or releases them to free swimming , giving all the rights to use their images.

On the other hand, if the image can only be used somehow and only for a fee, it is either extremely difficult to understand this and / or extremely difficult (and even more so automatically) to find the author, conditions and cost of using the image. This is not to mention the fact that under the law the right holder is not obliged as such to mark an image on which he does not give permission for use.




Check the image for its free use - for example, in Google, when searching for an image, you can set "Use Rights".

Take images from free image banks, which you can find, for example, by entering the "Bank of Free Images" in the search box.

Do not post at least a public access site image for which there is no license for its free use.


When we address the copyright holder about the removal of his image, the work will at least be immediately withdrawn from the publication on the site.

If someone can provide us with a code and / or a link for online verification of images for their free use (we did not find), then we will do our best to connect this check to the site.


And, probably, the main thing.


The use of images, schemes and other things, to which there is a direct prohibition of free use, is nothing more than theft - the usual banal theft - at least theft from the authors who created them, their loved ones and their children. And as a child, moms told us that stealing kills the desire to create, by killing our world and killing ourselves.






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