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Zakazchitsa one of his works, which we did and that we really liked, and the material, and was held on how to work (probably more correct to say communication, because the work is faster than a duty, but a good and fruitful communication is fun), and accuracy in which we had absolute confidence, has agreed to write about their feelings and findings of the joint work and the result, as the result of our joint efforts, for which we are grateful to Anne.

In this text we will insert your comments, of which we have tried to minimize.


Embroidered picture??... It's real!!

The Story of a portrait.

After reading this article you'll learn as I went to the site and about our joint cooperation in the development of portraiture scheme. Just be able to see the process of stitching a portrait.
How long have I embroider, how much and what kind of work I had.

Embroidery, I got carried away nine years ago. Just once, quite by accident, at the store saw the sets for embroidery and decided to buy one of the favorite sets. I have never learned embroidery skills, and no I did not have. All the subtleties and tricks learned myself ...

It is clear that my early work did not differ accuracy and evenness of the inside of the cross from the right side ... Too lazy to fix the threads on the wrong side, it seemed I did not have work and a waste of time ... Over time, began to buy more sophisticated kits for embroidery and began to understand. expensive scheme that can not be done carelessly. For 9 years, I have embroidered the order of 20 paintings - some of them are ...

and only last 5-6 pictures characterized by special care. Cross on the front side, was clear and smooth, the same size and tension of the threads on the wrong side, I began to consolidate, and any excess thread, after fixing, trim. Also, that there was no longer broaches spoils the view that it is wrong side), I held out a needle and thread under a different drawing and it turned out neat

I had made ​​orders for the creation of embroidery patterns and my impressions


For the time being. to time, I was happy with just buying a ready-made schemes and sew, but somehow in the sots.seti "VKontakte" I saw a group dedicated to embroidery, embroidered photo portraits. The portraits were made in the technique of "Sepia" (beige-brown color). I really liked this work and I'm on fire, too, to embroider something like that. But in the technique of "Sepia" I do not want to sew job. I wanted to embroider the work is in color, and even with the use of mixtures (melange) ...

It is one thing to want another thing to find people who can make such an elaborate scheme. I've been looking for sites on the Internet for embroidery, it looked at one, then another, but it was not that. I did not give up and at one point opened another site (it was the site with the name I scanned the contents of the site and realized that this site can help me. I wrote a letter to their wishes and put a photo that I wanted to embroider. Site staff understood me at once, called the working conditions to which I agreed and we began our joint cooperation to develop the scheme embroidery.

This is a photo I sent to the site alexfashion
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How long have I embroider

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