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There is a problem that affects the quality of the embroidery and the perception created by and with the deep, and the simplified elaboration of the original image. This problem stems from the fact that different programs and a variety of sources using the color map from one manufacturer very different from each other..

Here are two color maps of the DMC program PCStitch, of the lesser-known programs and popular of the two sites in Russia for embroidery. The sequence of colors not specifically listed corresponds to the sequence of sources.


This is complicated by the fact that manufacturers are producing yarns, colors which differ depending on the parties. Different threads from different parties, even in well-known manufacturers of thread - not so much like the one above, but the differences between colors of thread visible. In some sets of lesser-known companies in general are often set in the image one - on the other embroidery.

Selection of the closest color in the image can only be done through a complex processing technology of color. The principle and methods of such treatment, such as corporations ADOBE, creator of the popular and powerful raster graphics package Photoshop, are still closed, although many of the technologies it has published.

Our technology is based on neuro-processing graphics data sets.

Often the selection of colors, even with specialized programs, for example, when the closest to the blue color of the selected color in the side of the green and the other toward the violet, or chosen color of thread with the values ​​of saturation and / or brightness of the same "in different directions" . In embroidery visually, as a rule, these deviations increase two-fold. It is therefore desirable to consider when choosing thread and the whole image as a whole.

In firms that are serious about creating the art of embroidery, stitch all the "sew" before the start of their sales in order to assess their visual perception. Our technology is solved as close as possible the creation of the layout (s) of embroidery, embroidery that lets you view not only in small print runs set for embroidery, and embroidery, which is created in a single copy. Among other things, it is possible to "start up" the technology in the use of single-part, that every needlewoman had the opportunity to not only accurately translate liked the image in the scheme, but also to estimate the embroidery to her embroidery, saving yourself a lot of time and effort. The only thing that should be considered - the image of embroidery should be sufficiently large in size - 200 to 200 embroidery of crosses will be difficult to estimate the image size of a pack of cigarettes.





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