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You, walking on the Internet, saw some kind of image that you liked very much, and you had a desire to embroider it in embroidery.

Suppose you see embroidery, and then the task seems to be more complicated, and finding the original for it seems to be either not possible or very difficult, but taking into account the progress of humanity this task is solved easily and not compulsorily.

Save the sample.
We save to our computer the image found, which prompted you to desire to embroider a picture with it - or drag it, or by hovering over the iso and clicking on the right mouse button select "Save image as" or something like that.
As a result, on the computer you should have a graphic file with your image, which should be opened and see - to check whether it was recorded.
And do not forget about copyright.
For example, take an image of embroidery, which we found on the Internet and want to improve, using all the possibilities of Alex Fashion - for this on-line service Alex Fashion made from embroidery, i.e. in fact, the very embroidery with our parameters, then make a scheme of embroidery and perhaps get a scheme in the set of Alex Fashion, ie. opportunities the sea.

Ideally, you should read the article about the quality of the initial images for embroidery. It's all simple, but it's better to read - we remember that it's better to measure seven times than to embroider a few months later God knows what and what will happen as a result, God knows how.

We go for a walk further.


We find a quality source.


We already have a picture that we want to embroider.

We will find the best in quality and fit our image on the world wide, for what:

Go to the search engine - for example,
Switch the search from information in general to the image search, clicking the mouse on the "Picture" from the top-right

and go to another page.

On a new page, click on the image of the camera,

switching Google to search by picture.


Then we drag our images to the ships and automatically get the output of Google in which you can read about this image and find its better copy,

    for example, not by reference in the list of issuances, but on the page Related images.

on which we find our image

    and clicking to the right of the image to "Full size"

open it


We look at the size and quality of the original image found - on screenshots (screenshots) it is shown how it is done in Firefox / FireFox 52 version.


If everything is fine then we save to your computer already a quality original image for your future embroidery.

    Everything is simple, easy and interesting.
Perhaps it makes sense to repeat the search, but with a better image (as a source) for searching.
And make your embroidery from the found high-quality original image, for example such (233x350 crosses in 33 threads and 60 colors).
    Good luck.





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