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Coefficient of adjustment you The base value of 100 total crosses     Coefficient of margin you
The size of embroidery cm   cr
crosses all height
Embroidery crosses per hour  
hours a day
  Number of colors
Melange on the number of colors
The sparseness of crosses
Canvas the brightness level
The urgency of the order for more than 3 hours per day
The cost of embroidery basic
taking into account the coefficient
a cross
Days Embroidery
Addition of the threads in embroidery
The cost of hank yarn
Build thread on a reel
The length of the addition on a reel (m)
Estimated value of all coils  
  The size of embroidery
  When setting the size needed to choose the column (cm or cr), in which you specify the size - the second column will be recalculated automatically.  
  Crosses per hour


Your normal speed embroidery.

Measure the speed can be easy. Choose a color in which hundreds of crosses, and before the beginning of the stitching crosses pinpoint the time and then not being distracted by the long embroidery embroider on as usual. After all these crosses otshivaniya pinpoint the time the second time and dividing the number of otshityh crosses, taken from the description of the scheme, the time in hours, get your speed embroidery.

If you do not embroider the flowers, and on the square, then count the number of crosses can be selected embroidery area in which the crosses that you will embroider, are tight enough, and about the same place. After otshiva the width and height of the embroidered area is easy to count the number of embroidered crosses on reducing their potential is not otshitye place.

Great precision, this calculation does not require as much speed depends on the spread of flowers / crosses, count flowers and many other parameters. Enough to know its approximate speed, which for most embroidered in the range 70 ... 250 crosses per hour. There are speed and 500 ... 700 crosses per hour, but it is for the world championships.

  Coefficient of adjustment you

Used to adjust the calculation of the cost.

Independently increasing or decreasing these coefficients, and you can increase or decrease the value of a difficulty for you in calculating the cost.

  Coefficient of margin you
    These margins are obtained through your embroidery with given coefficient of Tami your settings.  
  The urgency of the order
    begins to be taken into account if the number of hours a day sewing for more than 3 hours.  
  Estimated value of all coils

considered in the currency in which you asked: "Cost skein of thread."

The number of threads and their costs are considered, taking into account balances, which usually remain after the embroidery, which is typically 15 ... 30%.






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