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What was done
  Replacement was done background processing and other ref. iso. Further development and comparison of different treatments. At the end of the options were evaluated at different room canvas - cross / polukrest - different: Number of additions, the evaluation result of LCA and melange, etc.

What I stopped after an additional correction of the original iso, change the background color compression to 50, etc., and create iso embroidery on canvas beige

  Layout of embroidery
300 х 200
  Image embroidery
DMC, bright canvas of 14 rooms, two additions, the cross
Start sewing.

Once I received from a ready-made scheme and a sheet with numbers floss LCA, I drove to the store, bought all that is required to work (canvas, yarn) and started to work ...

Began to embroider the face (in case if something is wrong with a person, you could convert with the least loss of time). In this paper, the most important site was just a person, but the further I embroidered the face, the more clearly seen and understood that the site staff know their stuff and do it well ... the person turned out great, as, indeed, the whole picture, that's just a little let down shades of hair (((... the hair, then had to alter. But it was not a mistake by the developers of the scheme ... The thing is, threads LCA produces several manufacturers and they have discrepancy may be the elementary colors .. staff worked with threads from the catalog of LCA, and I bought at retail line of LCA is unknown who made (((.. But the color mismatch is rare and hard about it is not necessary ... I did not match number 939 (it was dark blue, I replaced it on the number 3371 and solved the problem)
    DMC Catalogue Усредненный цвет
  The colors of thread float and that's why we are warning you to check / verification of thread colors with the colors in our description, and the color on the monitor was the one who "thought", the video system must have more or less good setup.
All would be well-evolved, if I had not brought my carelessness ...

A person is ready, I look at it and see that something is wrong and what is not, I can not understand ... When the background is the beginning sew, I realized that it is not so ... When I opened the pages scheme, did not look that, for example at the end, with the edge of the sheet number 2, the same cells with symbols as in the beginning of the sheet number 3. And it happened twice that I embroidered the same area (I have attached photos of the error, visitors can zoom in and see).

The fact that I opened the scheme in black and white for me, just overlapping cells fused with cells of the working circuit, and I used to sew when there is no duplication of cells and embroidering this work, as all the previous work (without overlapping cells). Of course, these cells overlap is very convenient, they are especially convenient for those who embroiders on the scheme, printed in color (where the cells overlap are highlighted in yellow, and embroider them twice just not possible).

As for the error, then if you do not look closely, it does not much, but I'm a meticulous job and decided to start over ... (Otherwise, I just could not continue to enjoy embroidery, remembering about the mistake.)

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