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In the end, and a sequel.
Since the beginning of otshivaniya this work, I ordered another site staff scheme is also a portrait of his daughter.

I wanted to embroider a triptych, and conceived in the perspective of a third order scheme-portrait. Just for the time, I sew first portrait, we, along with members of the site was brought to mind the second scheme.

I have realized that the photo is a photo, and ISO schemes, made from a photo, it is quite another ... ISO is divided into pixels, and pixels are then just crosses (in color), and therefore should be carefully and meticulously scrutinize and imagine as it will then look in the embroidery ... carefully consider details of the face .. peering into the eyes, nose, lips. See how and where the colored pixels .. How to remove a color, and where, conversely, to add. Ordering the first scheme, these subtleties have misunderstood .. begin to understand later, in the process of stitching ... And in general, ordering a portrait of the scheme, you must have a certain experience and skills of embroidery ... Joe is better not to take on these things, wasting time and money on the scheme ... Such work should be experienced embroiderers sew ... It's an all- same picture, but not cheap peyzazhik ...


This work will be passed on from generation to generation and lives may be two hundred years ... It must be done very carefully, even with a single cross-tension with the seamy side of good, free of knots and long broaches. So, before you do such work, think about whether you can do it well ...

Another trick is that the process will have to work more than once to show their creativity and ingenuity ... Sometimes you need to fix something yourself already in the final circuit ... Because the layout of embroidery may not coincide perfectly with the embroidery ...


Layout of embroidery can not match the embroidery because it does not account many parameters such as color and number of the canvas, was made cross-stitch or polukrestom, different numbers of plies, thickness of yarn, etc. That is, from one and the same layout of embroidery can get two different real embroidery on the quality and type of an order of magnitude (10 times) and we do not exaggerate.

Briefly describe the difference is on the model estimated the color of embroidery and embroidery on the Iso is estimated as embroidery will look like in reality and it can be assessed only on the Day after embroidery.

In the second study, when Anna, already "prochuvstvvala" their differences, such moments do not occur.


Do not forget that your scheme is the only one and nobody never embroidered, and therefore may have bugs (small, but they will be), this difference between the work of the author only and is ideally made a very expensive mass scheme (I've already given up such schemes because the scheme was released in a few thousand copies, is losing its uniqueness and exclusivity, even if it is very expensive).

In general, the second ordering scheme, I understand that now, I have very meticulously consider those options ISO, which I sent to site staff in the development of the second circuit. And to participate in the development of fine arts for the scheme at this time for me was much easier and more enjoyable, I realized that I am required, and it was easier for me to answer questions from members site. The second scheme was prepared in exactly the end of otshivaniya first job and ending the first job, I immediately began to sew the second.

What can I say about their experiences working with

On site staff easy and pleasant to work with. They will never delay the development of the scheme. Correspond to the letters at once. They know their job and doing it well. And the price of the issue, by the way, is even permissible. Pay for the development of a unique portrait that will be passed on from generation to generation a bit more expensive than the store scheme?? there is a sense ... for me, at least.

I am certainly not a millionaire, but only staff member training organization and, accordingly, the salary I have not very big, but I'm so keen on embroidery and not just embroidery, embroidery and exclusive portraits that I find the money to pay for development schemes ...

It is much more expensive than the effect produced by your work. All my relatives and friends just gasped when they saw the finished work!. But the conveyor shemki nobody will be surprised ... I think experienced embroiderers will understand me ... At some point I realized that I do not want to embroider a stamped shop scheme, I wanted to sew something, really, very special ... For me this was a special embroidery embroidery portraits and always with the use of mixtures and a large number of colors (not less than 50), that's when the work looks great even from a distance of 1 meter ... And so from a distance of 2-3 meters, it is already drawing a portrait! And it's very nice! .. (Actually, I have an embroidered portrait, much brighter and more beautiful picture could not convey the beauty of the embroidered picture)

I was very pleased with the cooperation of the site and going on to book with them to develop schemes .. By the way, I've got a second circuit (also a portrait) and in the future, you can see photos of the process of sewing the second portrait (who are interested). I will submit photos of the process of sewing the second portrait, but after working on a portrait, a photograph the finished work.
Thank you for your attention!
Preparation of my photos for articles and articles made to the design of My thoughts and my text has remained unchanged and reflects everything, even the not so successful aspects of the work, as requested by those who stand for the name, or the common name of Alex, that "it was the most honest.".





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